What is a Dry Ager and Why You Need One

Posted January 25, 2021 by Jon Bowerman

DryagerDry aging is an art that has been used to enhance the flavor and tenderness of meat for generations. With a little patience, attention and a Dry Ager in your kitchen, you'll up your steak game to level 110. Here's a crash course in dry-aging and why your business should adopt this method. Because nobody wants their steak to taste like leather.

What is Dry Aging?

 pf-d6c970ed--DryAgerProduktDX1500perspektive567x640srgbbuttonWhen meat is placed in a Dry Ager, the temperature, humidity and air flow are precisely controlled. This allows enzymes to break down proteins into amino acids and fats, providing a rich flavor profile. At the same time, muscle fibers break down to produce a steak you can cut like butter. This process must be properly controlled to prevent bacteria growth while the meat is aged for several weeks. In order to safely dry age your meat, you will need a quality Dry Ager in your kitchen.

Why Do People Dry Age?

If you don't mind a tasteless, leathery steak, this process is not for you and you can enjoy your subpar dinner. But if you're interested in producing high-quality steaks packed with unique flavor, the dry-aging method is worth the time and effort. The process of dry aging meat is an art that can be tweaked and controlled to give your meat the ideal flavor profile and tenderness level. 

How to Dry Age Your Meat

The process of dry aging can take weeks of patience and attention to detail. You'll also need the proper equipment to do it safely. In many large kitchens, chefs use a specific shelf or dry aging room to control the environment. The dry aging space must remain at a consistent temperature and humidity level in order to dry age the meat while killing bacteria. The air quality must also be controlled in order to prevent bacteria growth. These specific levels are impossible to control without the proper equipment, resulting in dangerous risks of bacteria and mold growth.

Dry Ager to the Rescue

Dry-ager-logoDry Ager is a German company that produces the most popular brand of dry agers worldwide. The family-owned business began in 1982 by Manfred Landig, a hunter and refrigerator engineer. Today, his sons carry on the tradition of providing the finest quality dry agers to businesses and home kitchens worldwide with their dry aging company. 

There are several products that Dry Ager offers to fit your business's needs. Each of their models is NSF and UL certified and sleekly designed to enhance the flavor of the meat as well as provide a certain ambiance to your space. All of their products are also energy efficient and created with a consciousness to preserving the environment and maximizing your profit. 

When meat is dry aging for several weeks, the environment must be precisely controlled. The Dry Ager products are designed to sterilize the air every minute to keep the environment bacteria-free. The humidity can also be controlled in 0.1% increments, and there is a much lower loss of weight during the process in comparison to competitor products.

See it in action:

Once you've had a fat, juicy, dry aged steak, you'll never go back. The Dry Ager company knows how to make the process safe and easy for your business to adopt. Your customers will certainly taste the difference in quality and all it takes is the right equipment and a little patience. Check out Dry Ager for your business needs today.

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