6 Ways to Save Labor Costs in Your Commercial Kitchen

Posted October 16, 2023 by Jon Bowerman

Maximizing Efficiency and Saving on Labor Costs in Your Commercial Kitchen

When it comes to commercial kitchen costs and efficiency in restaurants, one pain point is the cost of labor, and the difficulty finding it. Between increases in wages, goods, and services over the last few years, foodservice operators are always looking at ways to reduce the cost of staffing, especially when those staff members are so difficult to find in the first place.

By choosing the right foodservice and cooking equipment, labor savings in restaurants can become apparent over time. The right equipment will allow kitchen staff to operate more efficiently -- while also saving on those expensive commercial energy costs associated with kitchen equipment. Here are some commercial foodservice equipment solutions that can help:

Streamlining Cooking Processes with Convotherm Combi Ovens

convotherm combiIncreasing efficiency in restaurants starts with obtaining the optimal equipment. For versatility in cooking methods, consistent cooking results, and time-saving features, a Convotherm combi oven can work for foodservice establishments wishing to cut cooking time, increase versatility within any given footprint, and experience overall labor savings.

Speed Up Food Preparation with MerryChef

merrychefRestaurants can also save on cooking time and increase efficiency with one of the MerryChef high-speed oven options. These ovens allow kitchen staff to focus on faster, more efficient cooking. At slower times and in smaller foodservice establishments, the efficiency in restaurants can look more like multitasking once kitchen staff masters meal timing with a high-speed oven. The MerryChef line increases labor savings in restaurants with rapid cooking time and equipment that's easier to use, thereby requiring minimal supervision to operate it safely and effectively. 

Precision Slicing with Bizerba Slicers

bizerba slicersWhen it comes to food slicing, semi-automatic food slicers can also increase labor savings in restaurants. The Bizerba brand slicers contribute to this type of efficiency in restaurants by slicing more food product quickly, allowing for consistent portion control and thickness. The Bizerba food slicers also come with automated settings to cut down on time. Not only does this create efficiency, it makes for higher-quality food. 

Automating Food Processing with Sammic

food-processor-veg-prep-combi-machinesTo induce labor savings in restaurants, food processing equipment can also cut down on time and increase the amount each kitchen staff member can accomplish. Sammic food processing equipment offers a reduction in the need for manual labor along with efficient, fast food preparation.

Perfecting Pizza Preparation with Delfield Pizza Prep/Scale

delfield prepDelfield pizza/prep scale stations can also increase efficiency in restaurants by helping employees portion ingredients precisely. This creates a streamlined assembly process, especially useful in pizza restaurants. By having a pizza/prep scale station, a foodservice business can increase labor savings in restaurants and streamline their pizza-making process. 

Blending Efficiency with FreshBlends

fresh blends-1For commercial kitchens producing a large amount of food that must be blended, FreshBlends can help save time and money. With faster blending and mixing, the FreshBlends products have customizable blending programs for frequently made items. This frees up kitchen staff's time to multitask or prepare the next step of the meal. 

By increasing reliance on new, standard kitchen and foodservice equipment that creates efficiency in restaurants, kitchen managers and operators can find labor savings in restaurants and other foodservice operations, with added bonuses like increased food quality, better food consistency, and energy savings. Learn more about these solutions for the experts at P3 Reps.

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