Returning to Work In-Person Safely (with Happy Employees!)

Posted July 12, 2021 by Jon Bowerman

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There's been a lot of debate about how many people will return to pre-pandemic work habits. The reality is, many workers experienced some of the benefits of working from home, and many employers are going to be willing to grant them that option in the future. At the same time, there are other companies that wish to return to in-person operations, and there are many people clamoring for the person-to-person interaction offices can provide.

Let's talk a bit about the second category -- the offices that will reopen and the employees who will return. As they're welcomed back to the in-person workforce, what can be done to help ease those transitions? While we can't all achieve the luxury of Google's home office, we can create more lavish lounges and thoughtful accommodations. Here are six products to take your workspaces to the next level. 

Vero Inspire 3 Touchless

Water cooler conversations have never been cleaner! The Vero Inspire 3 Touchless allows for hands-free filling of water bottles and cups, creating a germ-free drinking environment. The cooler, equipped with rapid chilling technology, is capable of dispensing up to 20 liters per hour — whether you prefer still, sparkling, or ambient water. The compact machine takes up no more space than a typical water cooler but provides a much more luxurious experience — akin to the feeling of brewing morning coffee or filling up your cup at your own home refrigerator. 

Crem Espresso Machine

Speaking of coffee... no lounge is complete without an espresso machine. Crem's take on the kitchen classic features fifty original recipes and can produce 100 to 150 drinks daily. Multiple cup sizes and an adjustable spout mean the machine can accommodate even the most caffeinated co-worker. Those who prefer tea can take advantage of the designated hot water dispenser. Best of all, the machine has a sleek, one-touch cleaning system. That means you can enjoy added coffee, without added chores. 

Multiplex Fresh Blends

Many employees may have gotten accustomed to having access to their own blenders, or the ability to take a mid-day smoothie run. Fresh Blends® serves as an in-house machine that serves healthy, delicious beverages. From fruit and vegetable smoothies to frappés and milkshakes, Fresh Blends® provides satisfaction with the push of a button. 

Vitamix — The Quiet One

For those who are especially particular about their smoothie creation, Vitamix's The Quiet One offers a solution. This small blender can be easily installed in any office lounge or kitchen space. It is specially designed to optimize the original Vitamix for office spaces — equipped with maximum efficiency and noise-canceling technology. Employees can blend to perfection without disrupting their productivity or those around them. 

Clean Hands Partnership

The Clean Hands Partnership was developed in response to COVID, in an effort to equip all offices with the sanitizers they need to keep employees healthy. From wipes to foaming, liquid, and gel sanitizers, the CHP and their five manufacturers nationwide help to provide millions of sanitary products. 

Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 

Hand sanitizer is great, but it's even better when dispensed in style. The touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser from Forbes Industries holds up to a quart of cleaning solution and can eliminate germs with just a wave of the hand. The classy, wood-like design can fit onto a lounge counter space or be wall-mounted. With these simple yet luxurious upgrades, employees will go from working from home to wishing they could "home" from work! 

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