Induction Cooking in the Heart of the Electric Commercial Kitchen

Posted September 11, 2020 by Jon Bowerman

 Induction Cooking in the Heart of the Electric Commercial Kitchen

Move over gas-based kitchens, induction cook equipment trends are taking over! European foodservice has been making the transition into electric-based cooking for a while, and now it's finally time for America to get a chance to shine. Introducing induction cooking in your commercial kitchen is a benefit for business as well as the economy. Who doesn't love amazing profits while being eco-friendly?


Offering convenience, control, and safety, induction cooking is a convenient way to reduce energy consumption while speeding up cooking. By using electromagnetism to make electricity, induction cooking produces a constant magnetic field to create heat. Once you've created an electromagnetism flow with your stove top, you can use a metal pot or pan to transfer the electric flow to the pot or pan. This transfer of heat is called induction, and allows you to cook.


Through induction cooking, you'll find cooking seems easier, and it's true because it is less challenging. With regular gas or fire cooktops, we waste energy by allowing it to escape into the air. The benefit of induction cooking is that the heat is produced in the pan and pushes more of that energy into the food instead. In doing so, induction cooking allows you to heat food much more quickly and can help you get dishes made and out to tables at a 25-50% increase.

Typically made with ceramic or glass cooktops, induction cookers are incredibly easy to clean. You can simply wipe them down. Additionally, with higher control of heat, you have the ability to instantly turn them off and prevent overcooking or burning food. This is great with lowering potential waste and reduces safety risks. 

Some operations are cautious to try out the induction cooking trend. Knowing that you can only use pots and pans made with iron in them has slowed down the excitement, but hasn't stopped it. Many are viewing the challenge as a small offset and deeming it as an upgrade to their cookware. Overall, the benefits greatly outweigh the challenges.


Garland and Tablecraft are two of the manufacturers we suggest to bring you top of the line induction equipment. Both offer a slightly different take on induction cooking equipment, but provide incredible results. 

Tablecraft creates countertop station kits to provide portable convenience when it comes to cooking. Their station is made with drop-in cooling plates to help keep food colder longer as you make it. Perfect for those 'make-to-order' dishes, their Action Stations take up minimal space and provide convenience to foodservice. 

Garland offers two series to choose from, and both are magnificent additions to the kitchen. Their Countertop Series is made to bring precision and energy efficiency while taking up the least room possible. With a variety of countertop models, you can choose the style you believe will offer you higher performance opportunities, without filling the entire kitchen. Should you choose their Designer Series, you'll find the creative freedom and flexibility to custom build your induction cooktop. This makes it easy to create the perfect kitchen model just for your business. 

For more information on induction cooking and the most efficient cooking equipment to date, contact us or check out our routinely updated blog. At P3 Reps we want to help you make your commercial kitchen profitable while raising safety precautions and enabling you to grow. We currently cater to Metro NYC, Western Connecticut, Southern New York, and Northern New Jersey. You can reach us via email at or by phone: (201) 797-2266. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you! 


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