Furnishing the Best Outdoor Wedding Cocktail Hour

Posted July 12, 2022 by Jon Bowerman

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It’s time to celebrate! 2022 is shaping up to set a 40-year record high for weddings. Many couples postponed their nuptials because of the pandemic. But with Covid restrictions lifting and the weather warming up, people are excited to tie the knot and go all out for their big celebrations.

Outdoor wedding festivities are on track to be more popular than ever. Minimizing risk for guests continues to drive many gatherings outside, and with gorgeous summer days approaching, how can anyone resist? This is all great news for outdoor catering!

Let’s go over some of the trends right now and important considerations for outdoor wedding cocktail hours, and how you can use them to best furnish your clients’ wedding festivities.

Create Cozy, Colorful, Modern Spaces for Wedding Receptions

Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a giant party, cozy spaces for guests to gather are very popular. And unlike traditional, muted wedding decor, vibrant and creative color schemes are making waves in 2022. Try arranging comfy, colorful outdoor sectionals around a fire pit, and let the good times roll.

Take a Cue From Pop Culture

People are looking for wedding cocktail hour decor to match current interior design trends, and these are often influenced by pop culture. For example, country style is huge right now thanks to TV shows like Bridgerton, and enduring trends like cottage core. Woven outdoor furniture is one great way you can tap into that look. 

Let Your Guests Cut Loose!

It’s been a tough few years for everyone, and people rely on the foodservice industry now more than ever to lift their spirits. Weddings are one of life’s happiest occasions! Your clients will appreciate an event space that caters to a fun night. Dance Floors are a must at a wedding cocktail hour. A Multilok portable dance floor is a great option for indoor or outdoor settings and can be assembled in minutes.

Speaking of dancing, many wedding guests enjoy a little liquid courage. But whether it’s an open bar or a dry wedding, you’ll want to supply the event with a proper bar to serve refreshments from. An Express Line Mobile Bar keeps your waitstaff happy, too, with its easy portability.

Include Details to Add Comfort to Your Guests’ Wedding Day

We’ve covered the flashier furnishings, but it’s important to remember the smaller details that truly make for a great outdoor wedding cocktail hour. Nobody likes to balance a drink in one hand and a plate of food in the other. Set up some cocktail height tables that allow for convenience, while also encouraging mingling. 

Also consider one common oversight in hospitality catering: wobbly tables! This is such an easy problem to fix with table bases that provide stabilization for uneven surfaces. They’re particularly worth it for outdoor occasions, where the evenness of the floor can be unpredictable. 

Plan your outdoor wedding event spaces for comfort, style, and fun, and your guests will want to return to your venue time and again for all their special occasion catered events.

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