Foodservice Refrigeration vs. Merchandisers: Make the Right Choice

Posted August 7, 2017 by Jon Bowerman


Though it might be an enticing choice for a variety of reasons, using a refrigerator that is designed for merchandising products is not an ideal option for foodservice operators. Here are some reasons why, as well as a few things to look for in a reach-in refrigeration unit:

* Merchandisers are typically bottom mount systems with interior evaporator coils. This will rob foodservice operators of usable refrigerated storage space. In addition, bottom mount systems send heat back up into the refrigerated area, which is inefficient at best and can even compromise food products.

Look for top mount refrigeration because it's easy to maintain and keeps heat from directly impacting the interior temperature of the unit.

* Oversized refrigeration can have too much capacity when compared to the application for which it's being used. This can mean additional energy consumption and maintenance costs from the extra wear and tear put on the compressor. Eventually, it could even shorten the unit's lifespan.

Look for a reach-in refrigerator that has the capacity needed to successfully complete a given function. The more storage space provided, the less ordering. At the same time, too much space can lead to higher-than-desired operating costs.

* Interior mounted evaporator coils, along with high velocity airflow patterns inside a merchandiser unit, can create uneven temperatures and humidity levels that are harmful to the quality of foodservice products.

Look for a unit that will preserve desired conditions throughout the entire refrigerator unit.

* Spring-loaded doors that won't stay open can make the unit difficult to operate.

Look for a reach-in refrigerator that has a full door handle for easy operation and a clean look. Smart hinge designs allow operators to know the door will automatically close and will not stay open.

Learn more about reach-in refrigeration for commercial foodservice operations. Read the Quick Guide to Global Reach-In Refrigerators.

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