Why Dirty Beer Glasses Are Costing You Money!

Posted September 11, 2020 by Jon Bowerman

Why Dirty Beer Glasses Are Costing You Money!

All of the care put into providing the perfect beer might end up wasted unless operators take extra precautions to serve beer in clean glasses. After all, a beer's appearance, taste, and aroma are all affected by any residue remaining on the glass -- and this will impact a bar's bottom line.

In order to create happier customers and avoid pouring foam (which is beer) down the drain, a bar operator should consider the reasons why clean beer glasses are so important.


dirty beer glasses are costing you moneyThe presence of detergent, oils, and other residue alter a beer's appearance and will damage the reputation of the operation. Our sense of sight works before we even have the opportunity to savor that first sip of beer, and smudges and lipstick stains will let customers know your bar doesn't pay attention to the important details before they even taste the beer. But there are more subtle signs than lipstick.

If bubbles cling to the side of the glass or the head dissipates quickly, it's a sure sign the surface isn't "beer ready." The carbonated bubbles stick to the residue left on the inside of the glass and create "fisheyes," which can become an issue, particularly when glasses are stacked into each other.

Lastly, an inviting aroma produced by the foam collar adds to the overall experience. If the head is nonexistent, it creates a negative appearance and presentation, without providing the great aromas that beer can possess.


Pouring the proper pint is as much about reputation as it is about flavor and presentation. Cleaning the lines and tapping special kegs are wasted efforts unless your beer glasses are clean. Beyond your establishment's immediate respectability, the brewery's brand is also on the line each time you pour a pint. Breweries invest a great deal of time and effort into creating an exceptional product. When glass cleaning falls short, it affects the performance of that brew.

Taking the time to properly clean your beer glasses creates a positive customer experience. It also adds to the efficiency of your operation, not to mention your reputation.

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Capping off each glass with the perfect two-inch foam head is about much more than an impressive presentation. It also adds real value to your establishment's bottom line, particularly when that foam is not poured down the drain.

Looking at value purely from the standpoint of presentation, a brew presented to the customer in a dirty glass is likely to end up washed down the drain. Whether it be from a customer returning the beer in the dirty glass (there's no profitability in a customer demanding a new glass), or the simple fact that dirty glasses often result in bartenders needing to pour excess foam down the drain (which is like pouring money down the drain), it's a "drain" on an operation's bottom line.

There's also math in volume. A two-ounce head on each beer serving makes real economic sense. A clean 16-ounce beer glass only needs approximately 13 to 14 ounces of beer with the proper head finishing it off. Each barrel yields an additional 17 servings when presented in a beer clean glass. It's a per pint savings that adds significantly to your bottom line when multiplied by the thousands of beers poured over the course of the year.


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Using non-sudsy detergent impacts the cleanliness of your glasses as much as the oil and residue. A detergent, such as Nu-Foam that's designed specifically for beer glasses yields the results you want. Nu-Foam's powder is gentle on the hands while thoroughly cleans your glasses. It eliminates carbonated bubbles and assures the appropriate foam head. Your glassware dries without spots or streaks.


Establishing a partnership with knowledgeable service providers creates a solid foundation for you to build a stable business. The professionals at P3 Reps offer food service expertise for both front and back-of-house applications. If you want that beer clean experience, contact us to request a free sample of Nu-Foam, or schedule an assessment with us today.

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